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Cut sky-high energy bills with insulation

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As the cost of living continues to escalate alongside the increase of fossil gas prices, homeowners in the United Kingdom are feeling the impact of soaring energy bills.

The country has some of the least energy-efficient properties in Europe because of the old age of existing houses where over a third of domestic properties were built before World War Two. Even new builds lack basic insulation with only one out of four UK homes draft-proofed.

Properties with poor insulation could be the worst hit, spending nearly £250 more a year on gas bills, according to the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit.

As heat naturally moves from a warm to cool area, any heat inside your home will try to escape through walls, floors and roofs.

One way to reduce home heat loss is insulation – keeping heat inside a property or building by covering these areas that are externally exposed. Without it, temperatures are hard to regulate and a property can lose up to nearly half of its heat, as reported by the Energy Savings Trust.

Will investing in insulation cut costs in the long run?

There are number of options available at SWI that can help.

External Wall Insulation (EWI) is a thermal efficient way to keep homes warm, where insulation is fixed to the outside of the property. EWI forms a layered shield to stop heat from escaping and helps to regulate the temperature indoors.

Internal Wall Insulation (IWI) is another thermal efficient way of creating a barrier between inside of the property and the temperature outside, which can be done room-by-room. IWI slows down the transfer of heat, keeping warmth inside, for longer.

Explore whether EWI or IWI insulation is a good option for you and your property. Get in touch with us.